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Referees should sign up at least 10 days prior to each event

Referees not registered in Tennessee must have their SRA send permission to travel and confirm that you have passed a back ground check.

New to GameOfficials?

If you do not have a GameOfficials account enter 1563 as the Group Number and Access Code

Register with GameOfficials here

Linking your existing GameOfficials account to group 1563

Login to GameOfficials

Select "My Assignors" from the left menu

Then "Join New Group"

Enter 1563 when prompted for Group Number and Access Code

Submitting Availability

Select "My Availability" on the left menu

Click the dates that corresponds with the tournament you want to work

For Entry Type make sure to select "Available"

For Applies to make sure to select "RefereeinMemphis"

Add a note/comment with the tournament name

This process needs to be repeated for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the event

Assignment Criteria

All assignments for USSF affiliated games are made based on the SOT Assignor Guidelines.

After referee grade the following criteria is used 1) Amount of availability supplied 2) Experience level 3) Age and 4) Professionalism

If you are seeker higher level games, we encourage all referees to upgrade


Referees will need to setup a free GOPay account in order to be paid

All tournaments except ODP and John Talley will utilize GoPay to pay referees

Once logged into Game Officials, select Payments from the left menu bar

Except the terms and select a payment option

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